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The Lancet Oncology for the last years (from to. The number of new cancer cases doubl from . million to . million; The number of cancer patients living with cancer within five years of being diagnos has also doubl, from million to . million. Why is the incidence of cancer on the rise? The key reasons for the increase in the number of diagnos cases are the improvement in early diagnosis and the aging of the population. Age is the highest risk factor for most types of cancer. According to the US National Cancer Institute (NCI) , the average age of patients at the time of cancer diagnosis is years. % of cancer patients are years of age or older.

Cancer indicates a mark increase

The second reason for the growth is the ability of C Level Contact List healthcare institutions to conduct effective cancer control activities – to identify patients in a stream. Cancer diagnosis is rapidly improving. Since about , national screening and ucation programs have been launch in many countries. The third reason is the environment in which people live and habits. on in cancer risk factors in develop countries, including Russia The burden on the healthcare system An increase in the number of cancers means an increase in the demand for treatment. Given the high cost and duration of therapy for cancer, this significantly stimulates the development of drugs.

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The pharmaceutical market and cancer

According to a study by the Knowlge Sourcing Intelligence USA CFO agency , the global market for oncology drugs in amount to $ billion. spending on healthcare will contribute to the growth of key players in  centers around the world. According to a report by the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) , the health and social care system of its member countries already employs more workers than at any time in history – about one in ten jobs is in health or social care. Charitable foundations are helping to cope with the growing burden on the healthcare system. For example, according to.

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