The job search period has now increas

We can distinguish three levels of learners: People 35-40 years old, they have already built a career in another field or have their own business, but they want to develop further. If after training they manage to change jobs, it’s good, if not, they will apply the acquir knowlge for further growth in their field, and become more sought-after specialists. People without experience in IT, but with any higher ucation. They have a culture of learning community, an understanding of how business processes work. It’s difficult for them, they ask for help, but you can work with them, and this is a grateful audience.

The ability to interact in the student

People who came relatively speaking, from plants and Netherlands Phone Numbers List factories. Far from business, with a different cultural code. Of course, there are exceptions here, but in general, this is a difficult audience for a radical change in profession. It is also very important to have an honest conversation with students about the fact that magic will not happen. The student nes to explain what results and in what time frame he can achieve bas on his basic level. And whatever one may say, it all depends on the proactive approach of people, on their desire and diligence, when they independently “get” some non-basic skills, additionally study information and look for opportunities for practice.

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The market also plays a role

The student must be interest in their growth in the USA CFO chosen field. The same applies to employment – universities and online schools provide tools, but to a certain extent, employment is the KPI of the student himself. Of course. Previously, there were many cases of employment already in the learning process. Now it has become more difficult to get an offer, for example, after three months. The market decides a lot. But the right career strategy, the right positioning of oneself, a good portfolio and high motivation.

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