The largest streaming services following Spotify

Many prict that machine learning technologies will ruce the importance of music criticism for the foreseeable future, as they have already supplant the mia as the main guide of the artist to the world of success. Now are constantly increasing their investments in these technologies. However, the streaming market itself has not yet been fully form: in different countries it grows with different dynamics. “So far, the main trend is the conquest of new territories and an increase in its presence in the market,” notes Nadezhda Boychevsky.

Growing markets in the world is Russian

Subsequently when there will be a lot of users, streaming Taiwan Phone Number List services will focus more on their subscriber. You will ne to keep it on your platform, so the main efforts will be direct to creating a user-friendly interface, with unique content, with more advanc technologies and promotional opportunities.” Today, one of the fastest. PwC analysts say that in the period up to 2023, the music market here will continue to grow at an average annual rate of 4.9%, and its volume will reach $758 million against $596 million in 2018. “Now only about 5% of the world’s population pays for streaming,” says Victoria Sinyavskaya.

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The model of payments to the performers

However in Russia despite the fact that the market is just USA CFO emerging, it is growing and developing very quickly.” Victoria Sinyavskaya and Nadezhda Boychevsky also not that the development of markets will lead to a revision of themselves. While the level of musicians’ income from streaming remains quite low: conditionally, if a Russian artist’s track receives 2 million streams, he will be paid a little more than $1,000. In a global sense, the music streaming model can finally put an end to the figure of the author, and with it, creativity in the traditional sense of the word. Composer Vladimir Martynov points to this.

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