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Drug delivery to the brain and treatment of glioma with loud music. New era in tissue transplantation: test-tube gabion scaffolds for the treatment of spinal cord injuries. Lymph window to the brain: new methods of delivery micines. Night therapy for Alzheimer’s disease”, “Pioneer non-invasive phototechnology for the treatment of glioma. A group of American physicists were bor during the pandemic, so they decid to experiment with a sci-fi idea of a human colony on an asteroid. According to their calculations, it can become a reality What is an O’Neill cylinder.

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Due to this people can freely exist in space, grow food Colombia Mobile Number List and create an atmosphere. Such a moving metropolis is call an ” O’Neill cylinder ” after physicist Gerard O’Neill, who design it for NASA in the 1970s. Since its inception,  space city ideas, appearing in numerous futuristic works. Figures of the new space age also show interest in it. For example, Jeff Bezos spoke about the potential prospects for such a development and thereby caus a playful rebuke from Elon Musk. to build the Unit States in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean.” Savings by building on an asteroid One of the biggest obstacles to building O’Neill cylinders is the enormous cost.

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Getting materials and labor from Earth to space USA CFO would be extremely expensive. A partial solution would be to create a city on an asteroid. The idea to carry out calculations for such a project came to a groupc. According to the researchers, savings can be made by using the rocky bodies already on the asteroids. Adam Frank, a professor of physics and astronomy at the University of Rochester in the Unit States, emphasizes: “All these flying mountains [on some asteroids] orbiting. One of the most popular types of space settlement in science fiction is a rotating mass whose constant and controll movement creates an imitation of gravity for its inhabitants.

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