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If carp are a problem in the Unit States because no one eats them, then toads are a threat in Australia because almost everyone eats them. to eating toads is long and vari. It includes: Australian narrow-nos crocodiles, argus monitor lizards, which grow up to one and a half meters in length; smooth lizards (blue-tongu skinks); water lizards that look like small dinosaurs; viper-like death snake, which, as the name suggests, is venomous; as well as the mulga, one of the most venomous snakes on the planet. But most of all, of course, suffer a cute animal call the northern marsupial marten.

The mother carries them on her back

This small animal is 30 cm long, with a point muzzle Hungary Phone Number List and spott brown fur. When young marsupial martens emerge from the mother’s pouch. In order to contain the spread of toads, the Australians have come up with all sorts of ways, more or less ingenious. For example, the “zhabinator” is a trap equipp with a portable speaker that reproduces the voice of an aga toad, which some compare to a beep on a telephone receiver, while others compare it to the hum of a motor. Researchers at the University of Queensland have develop a bait that can lure toad tadpoles to certain death.

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A group call the Kimberley Toad

People shoot toads with air rifles, hit them with USA CFO hammers, beat them with golf clubs, run over cars, stick them in the freezer until they harden, and spray them with a compound call HopStop, which, as the sellers say, “neutralizes toad venom in a few seconds” and kills them within an hour. “Anti-toad” detachments are organiz.  Hunters” recommend that the Australian government offer a bounty for every toad kill. The motto of the group is: “If everyone hunt toads, soon there would be no one to hunt!” Tizard became interest in Agami toads even before he saw them.

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