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Smart Ranking Agency has compil a new Rating of the largest companies in the Russian online ucation market bas on the results of 2022. The total annual revenue of the companies approach ?90 billion, showing dynamics higher than expect According to Smart Ranking, in the fourth quarter, revenue growth for the largest tech companies was 33% compar to the third quarter and 1.8% compar to the same period last year. On the one hand,  of the market (in Q3 Y2Y revenue growth was 9.5%), however, in general, companies, taking into account all the circumstances, assess the results of the year positively.

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Despite many unfavorable factors, forc optimization and closure of advertising platforms, the market did not fall, and 2022 clos with a growth of 17.9%. Nikita Podlipsky, Managing Director of Ultimate ucation: “In general, the Tech market pass 2022 very well Indian Phone Number List and, despite all the forecasts, show a positive trend. There was no decrease in interest in the products of online schools on the market, and vice versa, an increas interest of, especially in the field of digital technologies with the possibility, including remote work, was noticeable. The market as a whole has shown that it can exist without foreign marketing platforms.

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This result demonstrates the final slowdown

DPO did not disappoint The total revenue of the top 100 largest USA CFO Tech companies in Russia at the end of 2022 amount to about 87 billion rubles, which is slightly higher than expect (according to the results of the third quarter, Smart Ranking analysts prict that the market size for 2022 would be 85 billion rubles).  adult ucation segment. The absence of serious shocks in the form of a second wave of mobilization contribut to the fact that the CVE segment in the traditionally most “bread” quarter of the year show serious growth. which show an annual revenue of 10.6 billion rubles.

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