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This is how the musicians react to the new habits of listeners. It takes only five to ten seconds for subscribers of streaming services to decide whether to listen to the song further or not. And in order to keep a potential audience, musicians use a variety of tricks: for example, they start their track with a well-known sample or immiately stun the listener with a catchy hook. Listening statistics also influence the creative strategy. For example, you can find out the city where you are most listen to, which songs are most popular, at.

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When the volume of the track was increas, and so on. All these France Mobile Number List data are taken into account by producers and performers when they prepare new songs or shoot another video. storefronts more often and stay in playlists for as long as possible. The death of the author and the death of creativity Many prict that machine learning technologies will ruce the importance of music criticism for the foreseeable future, as they have already supplant the mia as the main guide of the artist to the world of success. Now the largest streaming services, following Spotify, are constantly increasing their investments in these technologies.

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However the streaming market itself has not yet USA CFO been fully form: in different countries it grows with different dynamics. “So far, the main trend is the conquest of new territories and an increase in its presence in the market,” notes Nadezhda Boychevsky. – Subsequently, when there will be a lot of users, streaming services. You will ne to keep it on your to platform, so the main efforts will be direct to creating a user-friendly interface, with unique content, with more advanc technologies and promotional.

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