The members of the society were conservatives

The anglicism makeup” is gradually replacing the French “make-up”. Lexical fashion is a marker of social consciousness that shows the value orientations of the speakers. On the one hand, such language signals reflect the influence of some external culture. On the other hand, they talk about the orientation of society towards development, renewal and inclusion in global processes. The new vocabulary was consider prestigious, and the nobles often spoke French better than Russian. The phenomenon was call ” gallomania ” and reach its apogee during the time of Catherine II. Russian-French bilingualism was characteristic of the great.

Who advocat the preservation of Slavic

Russian poets and writers of that time, from Turgenev and Dubai Phone Number List Tolstoy to Chekhov and Chernyshevsky. In a letter to Chaadaev, Pushkin wrote: “Je te parlerai la langue de l’Europe. Elle m’est plus familière que la nôtre. I will speak with you in the language of Europe, it is closer to me than ours.” The response to the dominance of borrowings was  of the Russian word ” under the leadership of. Derzhavin linguistics. The “anti-French” language movement emerg in part as a response to the Napoleonic Wars, and Gallomania in Russia wan after the War of 1812. English language Gallomania in Russia was oppos not only by the Slavophiles, but also by the Anglophiles.

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The emergence of Conversations of lovers

An alternative fascination with Britain began to USA CFO spread from the end of the 18th century. At first, it was an elitist phenomenon even in the circles of the nobility. Powerful Anglophiles includ major politicians of that time, such as Chancellor Viktor Kochubey, and even some admirals. Anglomania and the activity of the British Empire l to the era of borrowing from the English language. The first Anglicisms in Russia also appear during the time of Peter I and were associat with maritime affairs: yacht, board, midshipman, boat and others.

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