The milestones are rather wayposts

One of the best-selling non-fiction books on Amazon. What is this book about? Kate Flanders shares her diary of this period, in which she notes how many things she got rid of and how much of her income she manag to save. However, of the narrative. At the heart of the same – a story about what she did to ruce consumption. At the end of the book, Flanders gives a brief summary and a list of recommendations for those who are going to follow her path. Take the first step The author recommends first of all to start with the revision of things.

Even made an inventory of them

She suggests literally pulling everything out of the UAE Phone Number List closets, and, without giving vent to doubts, separate those things that you use from those that are superfluous – books that you will never re-read, clothes that have become hopelessly small, and so on. She herself, in order to better understand the volume of unnecessary things, and then calculat which part she got rid of in a year. If in the future you feel an unbearable desire to buy something, it will be enough to get this list to make sure that you already have more things than you use. Make lists of things After that, Keith Flanders suggests creating three more lists.

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Which you allow yourself get rid of temptations

The first list will include all permitt purchases that cannot USA CFO be dispens with: products, hygiene products, mandatory payments. In the second – everything that is strictly prohibit. For the author, for example, it was coffee to go, books, magazines, candles. In the third list, you ne to include items that are not essential, but important, To make abstinence easier, Kate recommends limiting the sources of temptation: unsubscribing from mailing lists with special offers and store coupons, unsubscribing from brand and store pages on social networks, clearing browser bookmarks and deleting the wish list.

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