The next step is the maximum refusal

His followers learn to make do with a minimum of things that take no more than half an hour to collect. Japanese culture has a long tradition of minimalism that has seen renew interest in the post-consumer era. It’s not just about “clutter”, which has become a common place with  and her “Magic cleaning to own things. Fumio Sasaki, author of Goodbye Things, believes that getting rid of unnecessary possessions will help to clean up the mind, and not just the house. Every thing around us sends us signals: “wash me”, “clean me”, “replace me with a new one”, “repair me.

The light hand of Maria Kondo

In a room fill with books, appliances and clothes, our brain Henan Mobile Phone Number List gets tir of this noise, it is difficult for us to focus on what is truly important. For several years, Fumio has consistently got rid of most of the things, and shares his experience. He learn to get by with a minimum of clothes, dishes, RBC Trends publishes a chapter from Fumio Sasaki’s book Goodbye Things . The material was prepar in collaboration with the Alpina Publisher publishing house . Throw something out right now You may think that you will start getting rid of unnecessary things immiately after you finish the project you are currently working on.

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You ne to turn into a minimalist

Or tell yourself that one day, when you solve most of the USA CFO problems, you will definitely do it. But we all know that as long as our good old possessions govern us, that day will never come. We think we can’t become minimalists until our lives get better. But in fact, everything is exactly the opposite: in order for you to get better. The time we so desperately ne is within reach, but we must create our own reserve by saying goodbye to all unnecessary things. That’s why starting right now is a great idea. Make it your top priority.

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