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The term is calculat for four years and 48 payments. During this period, free replacement and repair of kits are carri out. If the customer decides to keep the product and not renew the subscription, he makes the remaining payment – 20% of the original cost of the kit. If he remains in the service and orders a new mattress, he is exempt from payment. mattresses for recycling. Raw materials and technological components are produc from them. But it is impossible to use them for a new b for hygiene reasons. According to Yershov, the model fully justifies itself from an economic point of view.

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Going forward Askona wants to build a special List of Real Mobile Phone Numbers plant that will provide recycling services to third parties. results Now the service has been launch in the MVP format and is available to And, of course, the Russians have apprecia to platforms for repeat orders. It is interesting that with the transition of even everyday communication to the chat format, the proportion of those who want to avoid phone calls is growing – every fourth customer nam this reason as important when choosing an ordering service. Another 23% use services to make an appointment with the masters, and 17% hunt on platforms for discounts.

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The benefits of online and are returning

Firstly the opportunity to find a suitable service on USA CFO the site. Secondly, to ensure that this service is of high quality of both parties. Therefore, we advise contractors to describe the services in as much detail as possible, to place photos of certificates and complet projects in advertisements. Such information helps a potential customer to preliminarily assess whether the contractor will be able to provide the desir service, whether he has the necessary qualifications. In addition, we certify performers. At the stage of laying out the announcement, we look at the completeness of the application form.

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