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According to Tabeeva, in order to maintain a balanced level of dopamine, it is enough to change activities, communicate with new people and regularly experience new sensations. Another self-doubt is often confused with introversion . An introvert is a personality type proposed by the Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung to characterize people who direct their life energy inwards. They prefer to think apart from the outside world, with immersion in the inner. But introversion is not necessarily a marker, much less a synonym for insecurity.saw strength in this individualism. According to his interpretation.

The German psychiatrist Karl Leonhard

The introvert has its own clear values, is not afraid to Nepal Phone Number List oppose itself to the environment, unlike the extrovert, whom Leonhard calls a conformist, susceptible to outside influence. Another phenomenon that is sometimes confused with self-doubt is social phobia . Social phobia is included in the International Classification of Diseases and is an anxiety disorder. Affected people are afraid of attention from other people, public spaces and large companies – sometimes to social situations. Social phobia is a medical diagnosis that can be treated. People who experience self-doubt tend to think that they have got a rare unfortunate ticket to this state. This is not so everyone experiences this feeling in different life situations.

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People who are capable of reflection

It’s natural to doubt yourself when you start a new USA CFO endeavor or in a highly competitive environment. But sometimes insecurity becomes chronic and reduces the quality of life. According to Yulia Anpilogova, a psychologist and psychotherapist, a member of the All-Russian Professional Psychotherapeutic League, self-doubt, as a main or accompanying problem, is present in almost all appeals to a psychologist: “or self-reflection are people of a certain order of organization of the psyche, who are in doubt. To doubt oneself for such a person is one of the steps, one of the forms of doubt. But insecurity can develop at any age.

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