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The potential for food sharing is huge

Follows from the Romir study. Returning 17 million tons of food waste to the economy would mean feing the hungry and getting rid of 2.4 million tons of methane and other gases generat in landfills. Food sharing offers a solution for efficient and rational food handling. Companies can donate ible products that they can’t sell before their expiration date and plan to dispose of them. And food-sharing organizations help save food by donating it to those in ne. Sustainable Development Goals and Russia’s National Goals until 2030. Among them are the elimination of hunger.

Every year the Rus food bank

The ruction of inequality responsible consumption and Cameroon Phone Number List production, and the fight against climate change. Restraining factor Since 2012, the development of food sharing in Russia has been carri out by the charitable foundation Rus Food Bank. Over the ten years of its existence, the fund has accept and donat 50,000 tons of products and goods to its wards for free. This prevent 230 thousand tons of CO 2 from entering the atmosphere. helps hundrs of thousands of people. The Foundation promotes food sharing technology. The main limiting factor for the development of this institution is the VAT that businesses are forc to pay when donating food to charity. As a result, disposal of goods at a landfill is more profitable than food sharing.

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The technology is consistent with the UN

We hope that this problem will be solv soon. The bill on foodsharing is now being finaliz taking into account the comments of Rospotrebnadzor and USA CFO other feral services. Launch preparation Despite the ne to pay VAT, more and more companies are involv in foodsharing. For example, the Magnit retail chain, together with the Rus food bank, launch a pilot food-sharing project in 22 dark stores in Moscow in July 2022. Every day, Magnit employees select high-quality products with expiring but sufficient expiration dates and donate them to ney families and single pensioners through Rus’ volunteers.

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