The potential of this approach and its ability

A limit number of common suspects. But as DNA sequencing technology becomes faster and cheaper, sequencing the entire genome of a tumor to find active mutations is becoming commonplace The magic pill concept, bas on targeting a specific driver mutation in an individual patient’s tumor, is rapidly turning from fantasy to reality.  perfectly fitting in with our modern ideas that individual patients do not ne a single standardiz treatment protocol, but highly personaliz therapy, carefully select for each individual tumor.

It looks incribly futuristic

The precision oncology paradigm has become a kind Job Function Email List of cre in the world of cancer research—irrefutable proof that three decades of cataloging cancer genes and developing smart (and very expensive) target drugs have been worth the effort.  to drastically improve the survival of people suffering from advanc metastatic cancer is causing a lot of public excitement, although the reality does not seem to live up to expectations. Today, the truth for most patients is that either their cancer has not been subject to proper genetic testing at all, or the genetic changes identifi in the patient are not cover by any of the magic pills.

Job Function Email List

Who were diagnos with metastatic

Oncologist Vinay Prasad and colleagues at the USA CFO University of Oregon Health and Science in Portland, Oregon, have studi about thirty target drugs that have been approv by the US Food and Drug Administration since for their use. combin with genetic testing of the patient’s tumor. Of the approximately half a million people in the Unit States cancer twelve years ago, about % (that is, one in twenty) met the requirements for such treatment. By , the number of such increas to only %. And it is worth bearing in mind that these are only those patients who would be recogniz as fit only after their cancer was test. But there are many other patients whose tumors have never been studi at the.

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