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The prerequisites for new aggregation

As for domestic transportation, cargo traffic through. Moscow to the regions will continue to prevail here. With the only difference being that now the goods will be brought not from Germany. But from China. But the first stop inside the country is the capital. And from there the goods are ristribut to the regions. g up over the years. And Moscow is the city where the most storage warehouses are locat. Today, centers in. Other million-plus cities are not expect due to the lack of the necessary infrastructure.

The logistics of companies have been buildin

So far no one will speculatively build new facilities: a Iceland Phone Number List company that built a warehouse in Moscow a few years ago is unlikely to be ready right now to invest money in a new warehouse in southern Russia in order to move there. It will be held back not only by large additional costs, but also by already conclud contracts. In the future, infrastructure transformation is possible only if new traffic flows are fix for the next five to ten years. Then it will be possible to talk about the creation of key logistics hubs in the south and east of the country.

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When you ne to transport a small

It is not worth waiting for the construction of new USA CFO highways and interchanges: of course, this is necessary to unload existing roads, but the commissioning of a new roadb usually takes more than one year. The trend for the formation of groupage cargo There are two ways to form a consolidat cargo. The first is internal, when a company from Russia has the right product in stock, and it sends it to the recipient. The second is external, consignment of cargo from one country to another. Due to the active growth of e-commerce and the withdrawal of foreign fashion retailers from the market, the flow of orders from conventional stores will migrate to online.

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