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The decision to resume the import of “gray” goods was made in order to avoid a shortage of products popular with the country’s residents. Recently, Ozon and Wildberries allow merchants to trade parallel imports. To do this, those will ne to document the originality of the product and provide confirmation of all transactions. It is important for buyers to remember that under conditions of parallel import, not all goods can be localiz for use in Russia. Pay attention to the keyboard of the equipment and the ability to support the SIM card of your operator and its frequency.

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It is also worth considering that if the company has left the Bolivia Phone Number List market, it may not be repairing the product you bought. How will the cost of goods change with parallel imports The cost of any product is primarily affect by problems with logistics. for transportation, but also for duty. For example, the UAE has a free economic zone with preferential customs conditions, but it will no longer be possible to re-export goods through Georgia, and there are still few alternatives – Kazakhstan and Turkey. Many foreign goods, such as cars and televisions, us to be assembl at Russian factories from import components.

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Since now the factories are idle or do not work at all USA CFO the goods will be import in finish form – the duty in this case is much higher. Somewhere in the not-too-distant future, astronomers are scouring the cosmos with powerful telescopes when they suddenly notice that among the light rays from distant galaxies, there is a message from an advanc civilization. What will happen next? Mankind is not ready to meet A collision with an alien signal will be one of the most important events in history. Dr. John Elliot, a computational linguist at the University of St. Andrews in the UK, believes that humanity is not yet ready for it.

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