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Uber provides taxi services). The status of gig workers was also noticed in Portugal. And in the US, Uber and Lyft taxi drivers went on strike. And regularly protested against a law passed in November 2020 that removed platforms from the contract law. We should not forget that the problems of the gig economy affect not only contractors, but also customers. In case of unprofessional or dangerous behavior of a gig worker in relation to a client,. The operator can disconnect an individual taxi driver (plumber, tutor) or the entire partner taxi fleet from the system.

This law was later declared unconstitutional

The event of compensation for physical and moral Austria Phone Numbers List damage through the court, the taxi driver (plumber, tutor) or taxi fleet, and not the platform, will be the defendant. Employment in the gig economy makes such concepts as “job security”, “stable salary” and “pension” meaningless. Even in the white-collar gig economy, at the end of the project, to face with the platform and high competition from his colleagues. However, this does not scare anyone. “If we talk about young people, then the guarantees of earnings and stable employment are less important to them now, they are in search of themselves,” Elena Londar believes. “The younger the applicants.

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The platform bears only reputational costs

The more important the meaning of the work, and not just money, is for them.” free work According to a study by the International Labor Organization, in the gig economy there is a large share of unpaid work – activities, the employee’s own costs or his time USA CFO which are not compensated and not paid by the platform. Firstly, the means of production (bicycle, computer, smartphone, software) the worker must provide for himself. Secondly, in order to gain a competitive advantage, he masters related professions at his own expense and improves his.

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