The reform of existing institutions

It does not seem obvious to everyone that we should see India in the updated body, and not Malaysia, Indonesia or Pakistan. And so it will be with any candidate for the role of a new country member of the Security Council. Because we still don’t have the idea of ??representation at the level of the regions of the world, ”says the researcher at Princeton University. Another line of thought regarding the reform of the main international body will be to try to abandon the right of veto, Roschin believes. Then there will be discussions about how to make decisions in the Security Council itself.

The organization of new international

Changing the policies of countries, not the reform Indian Phone Number List of institutions According to a number of experts interviewed by RBC Trends,  and platforms will hardly help resolve the crisis. As Dmitry Suslov notes, the creation of new institutions in the context of continued confrontation between the US-Russia, the US-China, and between the West as a whole and the world majority would resemble the Quartet’s fable No matter how hard you sit down, the result will be the same.” A similar point of view is shared by Nikolai Mezhevich.

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When Moscow looks back at Beijing

It is necessary not to reform institutions, but to return USA CFO the principles of a multipolar world to the foreign policy of states. Beijing looks back at Washington, Washington looks back at Moscow, and everyone considers it necessary to adhere not only to their own interests, but to take into account, if possible, the interests of others,” he says. According to the political scientist, the Security Council can be effective even with the current representation, but at the same time it must change the real mechanism of work. Countries should not pass a resolution of a clearly political nature, which other members of the Security Council will block anyway.

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