The respondents had to walk on a treadmill

If in the case of vision, this sensor should simply capture photons, then in the case of smell, we ne to teach it to distinguish between millions of molecules. So far, the electronic nose device, which is design, for example, to detect smuggling, can only analyze a very small number of molecules. But this is already a good trend for expanding the repertoire of such sensors,” says Yuri Kiselev. American researchers in the course of the experiment found out how often you ne to walk in order to ruce the risks of high blood pressure and changes in sugar levels with a sentary lifestyle.

The control periods were: a minute of walking

What’s happening Researchers at Columbia University in Nigeria Phone Number List New York found that walking for five minutes every half hour help normalize blood pressure and blood sugar levels. 11 people took part in the experiment; during the experiment, they were in a sitting position, it was allow to get up only at a certain time. During this period. for every 30 minutes in a sitting position, a minute for every 60 minutes, five minutes for every 30 minutes, five minutes for every 60 minutes. Also, one of the groups sat without breaks for walking. Participants in the experiment could use phones or laptops, read and eat.

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What does it mean A sentary lifestyle increases

During the experiment the researchers regularly USA CFO measur the participants’ blood pressure and sugar levels. Researchers have found that any amount of walking lowers blood pressure by 4–5 mmHg. In addition, a five-minute walk every 30 minutes ruc post-meal blood sugar spikes by 50%. Walking for one minute every 30 minutes also ruc blood sugar spikes. But 1–5 minutes of walking every 60 minutes had no effect. The risk of obesity, diabetes and some forms of cancer. Sitting for long periods slows your metabolism, making it harder for your body to regulate blood sugar, blood pressure, and break.

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