The reuse factor is how much resale

According to their theory, buying us things stops you from buying new ones. Avito calculat the ecological footprint of four categories: clothing and footwear, electronics, books, cars and motorcycles . The categories were chosen due to the popularity and transparency of their life cycle. For the calculation, a formula was us that is suitable for any goods and resources: environmental contribution = reuse factor × (production  logistics + disposal).  Extends the life of a product. When calculating production, logistics and disposal, the different stages of. A product’s life were summ up: from CO 2 emissions to consum resources.

To calculate the amount of materials

To estimate emissions of CO 2 , water and energy Guatemala Phone Number List platform experts us the international database Ecoinvent . It was creat in order to find out how much resources are spent on the production of cotton fiber or the transportation of cars by road train us, Avito us data from manufacturers and scientific publications, and then reveal the average value by category. Logistics costs were estimat in two stages. At the first stage, we calculat the average path to the ports or airports of Russia. On the second, the remaining section of the land route to a specific region was calculat. Disposal costs depend on the methods that prevail in each of the categories.

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What does it mean The main function

For electronics GESP figures were us .  of the ozone layer is to protect the Earth from ultraviolet radiation that comes from the Sun. Ozone holes are places where ozone concentration is low. In 1974 , scientists found that ozone holes appear when sunlight comes into contact with substances containing chlorine or bromine. Derivatives USA CFO of these compounds at low temperatures in the atmosphere can destroy ozone. The first such hole was found in 1985 in the Southern Hemisphere over Antarctica. People have chang nature so much that they have creat new climatic.

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