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If we add to this amount the losses that are record in the entire supply chain, then the total volume will be 42 million tons per year. Some of the food losses are recycl back into the production cycle. This waste is us to make compost or livestock fe. But Getting to the landfill, organic waste does not decompose in a short time, but starts an anaerobic process, as a result of which carbon dioxide and methane are releas from the garbage. In addition to the negative impact of food waste on the environment, food production uses a huge amount of resources.

Most of it ends up in landfills

That is along with expir yogurt or a rotten tomato Benin Phone Number List electricity and water resources that were us in production are sent to the trash can. feral level, the most notable are: the Rus Food Fund, the Foodsharing Moscow volunteer movement, and the group I’ll give away food for free. Each project has its own work model . Foodsharing. agreements between businesses (donors) and project volunteers. Participants themselves collect expir products from the organization, and then distribute them among volunteer acquaintances, charitable organizations and NGOs. “I will give away food for free” is a VK community.

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Every day ads appear in it indicating which products USA CFO people or enterprises themselves are willing to give away for free. In the comments, the activists agree and take the goods. The Rus Food Fund was found in 2012 and is the largest food aid organization in Russia. It became the first “food bank” in the country. The Fund develops industrial food sharing, that is, it “rescues” large volumes of essential products with an unexpir shelf life from destruction. is achiev by the efforts of several legal entities. Rus also works with government authorities to make the product transfer system cost-effective and well thought out. “Food banks are at the intersection.

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