The shift cycle is called the El Niño Southern

Colder than usual by about the same temperature, is call La Niña. These terms are translat from Spanish as “boy” and “girl” respectively. Events occur every 2-7 years and affect the climate in different parts of the Earth.  Oscillation (ENSO) because every El Niño is naturally follow by a La Niña and vice versa. Between these events, normal temperatures are observ for several months. 3°C may not seem like much, but the change is enough to disrupt weather patterns on a global scale. Three-year La Niña will be replac by El Niño in 2023 La Niña usually lasts two years in a row. However, now, since 2020, we are seeing a three-year La Niña.

A close eye on the tropical Pacific

The US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Cayman Islands Phone Number List has report that the Equatorial Pacific will return to neutral between March and May 2023. Accordingly, it is Given ENSO’s impact on global precipitation and temperature patterns, scientists are keeping According to their calculations, El Niño in the coming years can lead to four consequences. Global temperature could rise by 0.2°C During El Niño, the ocean transfers some of the excess heat and moisture to the atmosphere. This can be compar to boiling pasta when the kitchen gets hot. In addition to climate change.

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The global temperature has already risen

El Niño could add up to 0.2°C to Earth’s USA CFO average temperature. For example, the hottest year on record was 2016, which includ a particularly intense El Niño, with ocean surface temperatures rising by close to a record 2.4°C. by about 1.2°C compar to pre-industrial levels. Due to the fact that El Niño will add additional heat to the atmosphere, it is possible that the temperature increase on Earth will temporarily exce the threshold of 1.5 ° C, which is set by the Paris Agreement as restrictive. where winters become drier and colder. Accordingly, if El Niño intensifies enough.

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