The special services of many countries

For example in WhatsApp when making Internet calls, it was possible to reveal the real IP address of the user even without an establish communication session. The disadvantage of all instant messengers is authorization by cell phone number. have access to cellular communication providers and can send SMS from your number without any notifications or messages. You won’t even know about it. “To protect against this vector, many instant messengers provide a function to notify about user activity from another device.

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In addition the list of us clients is available in the settings, ”the expert notes. 5 Can intelligence agencies access messages protect by end-to-end encryption? In 2016, the FBI tri to force Apple to reveal the data stor on the phone of one of shooting in San Senegal Phone Number List Bernardino a year earlier. Apple CEO Tim Cook said he was not going to comply with the request of the FBI and it will feel that it can pursue an aggressive policy regarding interference in the private lives of citizens [1] . Already in September 2019, under an agreement between London and Washington.

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This will untie the hands of the government

American social mia platforms including Facebook and WhatsApp, were oblig to transfer encrypt messages from users to the UK police to assist in USA CFO investigations of persons suspect of serious crimes [2 ] . At the end of November 2019, the US Department of Justice announc that it was going to launch a large-scale investigation against technology giants due to the fact that they do not provide the government and law enforcement agencies with access to users’ correspondence [3] . In December 2019, Facebook reject a request from the US authorities to abandon end-to-end encryption, which made it impossible to intercept messages [4] . In the summer of 2019, during the protests, the Hong Kong authorities dealt a blow to Telegram users.

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