The stability of the Russian economy

Stocks of import products, enterprises were able to quite quickly develop new economic ties within the country and in the external market to replace those lost as a result of sanctions that limit import supplies and financial transactions, as well as the withdrawal of foreign business. On the part of the state, this was facilitat by some easing of regulation – in particular, the permission of parallel imports, ”said Akindinova. “No be so successful,” Stanislav Murashov, macroeconomic analyst at Raiffeisenbank, support this argument. “And no one expect that Russia would be able to rirect the shortfall in oil and gas supplies to other countries so quickly.

One expect that parallel imports would

Many people were conservative in their assessment of Ivory Coast Phone Number List this moment.” In the first six months of 2022, sales of Russian oil to India jump by 900%, a result that analysts did not count on. At the same time, sales to European countries decreas slightly: from February to August they fell by 30%. In fact, the EU countries continu to buy Russian oil, despite the statements about the impending rejection of energy from Russia. “In reality, the restrictions were negotiat slowly and came into force gradually over the course of 2022,” Ankindinova explain.

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Western analysts warn about in early

This was accompani by an increase in prices on the USA CFO world market, the level of which, even taking into account the discount on Russian oil, made it possible to increase the nominal volumes of exports and oil and gas revenues to the feral budget.” In the meantime, pessimistic forecasts suggest the rapid imposition of sanctions in the form of a complete embargo on Russian energy resources. Some  February 2022. Bloomberg Economics analyst Scott Johnson wrote that high oil and gas prices would help Russia offset losses from sanctions on trade, investment and banking operations. also testifi in favor of the strength of the economy.

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