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Manifestations will be individual for each person. But still, there are several typical signs . Fear when meeting with strangers. For example, a person can refuse an apartment that suits him in all respects if the neighbor turns out to be of a different nationality or get out of as a representative of a different faith enters it. Refusing to interact with someone because of their background or appearance. Comments about the appearance or clothing of people from other cultures. This also includes jokes about the sound of foreign names and words.

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Avoiding exposure to a “foreign” culture, such as refusing Norway Phone Number List to go to a restaurant with a certain food or watch a movie or TV show of a foreign origin. Confidence that “all the best is ours”, and other cultures are jealous. Consequences of xenophobia At the everyday level, xenophobia can manifest itself as an annoying eccentricity. However, xenophobia, , leads to horrific consequences. Holocaust Anti-Semitism as a form of national intolerance has existed since ancient times. Even before the advent of Christianity, Jews were accused of intrigues in relation to other peoples or even cannibalism.

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Around the 2nd century AD, religious anti-Judaism gained USA CFO momentum – Christians hated the Jews because they did not recognize Jesus as the messiah and accused them of being involved in his crucifixion. In the 19th century, racial anti-Semitism appeared in Europe, which merged with conspiracy theories and led to the Holocaust Jews by Nazi Germany and its allies in 1933-1945. In 1903, the “Protocols of the Elders of Zion” were published in the St. Petersburg newspaper Znamya. The full text consisted of 24 paragraphs describing the methods by which the Jews plan to achieve world domination. Among these methods were mentioned, for example, brainwashing and distribution of pornographic literature.

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