The team was able to create an enzyme

The proposal was to change the Sugar will be digest differently To improve sugar, the Wyss researchers turn to enzymes, proteins that spe up chemical reactions. They were inspir by plants that use such substances to convert sugars into fiber that remains encapsulat (isolat by a special shell) until a change in acidity occurs around – for example, to the intestines. Releas in this way, it converts sugar into fiber, which ruces the amount of sweets absorb by the body. New enzyme being test and ready for market launch Encapsulation means that the enzymes can be us in existing recipes and food production processes.

When moving from the stomach

Wyss Senior Engineer Adama Sesai emphasizes : “It was important for Cameroon Phone Number List us not only to find a technically sound solution, but also to make it really work in real food production conditions. We ne something that didn’t just work in the lab.” Now the enzyme is being test on mice to understand how it works in a living organism. If the experiment succes, the enzyme will be offer to Kraft Heinz and other food companies. For the past three years, industry experts have been pricting a rapid collapse in Russia’s GDP. We understand why this did not happen and how the economy surviv During 2022, international.

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The International Monetary Fund

Russian experts have releas many apocalyptic prictions for USA CFO the Russian economy. For example, in May, the Institute of International Finance (IIF) expect Russia’s GDP to fall by 15% due to sanctions. The World Bank prict a decline of 11.2% in April , and 8.9% in June . JPMorgan’s March forecast prict a 7% contraction. During the year, (IMF) revis its forecasts for the Russian economy three times. In January 2022, IMF experts prict Russia’s GDP growth by 2.8%, and by April the estimate had chang to a fall of 8.5%. In July, the IMF adjust its forecast.

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