The top American leadership was aware

The cornerstone of the treaty was its fifth article. It declar that “an arm attack against one or more participating countries in Europe or North America will be consider an attack against them as a whole”, which will enable all NATO member countries to use “arm force with a view to restoring and subsequently maintaining the security of the North Atlantic region”. The two official languages ??of NATO are English and French. blue rectangular panel. In the center is a wind rose in a circle, from which white lines diverge. The dark blue background symbolizesThe Atlantic Ocean.

The flag of the organization is a dark

The circle is the unity between the member states Latvia Phone Number List of the alliance, and the wind rose is the direction in which the path to peace extends. The headquarters of the NATO alliance is locat in Brussels, the capital of Belgium. Before the collapse of the USSR After World War II, Europe lay in ruins, and the number of homeless and beggars skyrocket.  that in conditions of total poverty, the governments of European countries would steadily lean towards socialist ideologies and, accordingly, fall under the influence of the USSR. Therefore, assistance to the states of Western Europe has become a priority for the Unit States.

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The total amount of assistance amount

On the one hand by reviving the European economies, it USA CFO would create a sales market for the Unit States, and on the other hand, it would not allow the communists to come to power in these countries, keeping them in the American sphere of influence. To do this, the “Marshall Plan” was adopt – measures of US economic assistance to the countries of Western Europe. In 1948, it was approv by Congress and sign by US President Harry Truman.  toabout $13 billion, which mostly came as loans. At the same time, the main condition for obtaining funds.

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