The traveler himself preferring concern

Which formed the basis for the concept of sustainable tourism development in the 21st century. This means that today this type of travel is the most civilized and most preferred. According to the definition of of Nature, ecotourism is distinguished by the following features: travel through relatively undisturbed natural areas; environmental responsibility; the study of nature and the enjoyment of it; “soft” impact on the environment; active social and economic participation of local residents. A true eco-volunteer spends a minimum of fuel to move, cleans up after himself, separates the garbage accumulated during the trip.

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Chooses walking or cycling instead of ATV tours. In addition Colombia Mobile Number List he supports local businesses that are just as responsible for nature – they do not exploit animals, do not throw waste into water bodies, and keep the place clean. ogether with Elizaveta Yusupovskaya, the author of the Ecologin telegram channel, we have compiled several recommendations and rules that will help make outdoor recreation (and any other trip) more environmentally friendly. T you own. Your toothbrush, shampoo, toothpaste, reusable cup, so as not to litter nature with disposable things. Every year, 650 hotels in New York throw away more than 27 million plastic bottles.

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The first rule of a tourist is to take everything

Which might not be there if every guest took their USA CFO personal hygiene products on a trip. Therefore, in the west, tourist sites are already actively refusing mini-bottles and other disposable devices in the rooms. This choice can be made by  for nature to a fleeting whim. Elizabeth Yusupovskaya: “I hate the “buy when I arrive” thesis, since any such purchases while traveling, as a rule, are no longer used at home. So any eco-friendly trip should start with packing a suitcase.” Minimize your footprint Another basic rule of ecotourism – wherever you go, leave everything as it was before you.

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