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In addition neural networks learn faster than humans. Let’s first look at the professions that have been most affect by artificial intelligence: call center operator; translator; corrector; Graphic Designer; content itor; doctor. It should be not that while AI acts only as an assistant. For example, he can generate texts and illustrations for the content itor, but they do not always correspond to the request, he can give the doctor a brief analysis of the disease and even carry out diagnostics , but he cannot completely replace the specialist. Into account individual characteristics – everything it does is very average and requires verification.

The fact is that the robot does not take

In addition a person plays a crucial role in the existence Guatemala Phone Number List of AI – he creates, trains and controls it. If we talk about areas, then AI is most actively implement in robotics, mechanical engineering, industry, economics, programming, micine, and neuroscience. “In the labor market, the development of artificial intelligence has had a positive impact primarily on programmers and analysts. This allow many specialists to increase their market value. which has help many marketers, programmers and managers find good jobs,” notes Alena Vladimirskaya, founder of Facancy services and Alena Vladimirskaya’s Career Lab Separately.

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Elon Musk is also working in this direction

It should be said about micine . Scientists are doing USA CFO everything possible to prolong human life and make it more comfortable: they are experimenting with the cultivation of artificial organs, surgical robots, bionic prostheses. With the introduction of AI, new directions are emerging. For example, human augmentation includes the generation of tissues and organs and, in general, the expansion of human capabilities. One of its long-term goals is to enable humans to compete with artificial intelligence. “In general, no matter what direction you take, they are trying to introduce artificial intelligence everywhere.

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