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This does not mean that heat pumps should not be us in the Russian Feration, just that capital investments will be higher. It is advisable to use them where there is no possibility to supply gas. Geothermal energy in other countries According to the World Bank, energy is between 70 and 80 GW. However, only 15% of the known geothermal energy reserves are currently us for electricity generation in the world, and the total capacity of these installations is only 13 GW. Geothermal energy is actively us in the USA and China.

The global potential for geothermal

These countries are now the undisput leaders in this Mexico Phone Number List direction, but Japan is already catching up with them. Geothermal sources are successfully us for energy production in the Philippines, Indonesia and New Zealand.  of a geothermal power plant in Nicaragua, which should cover the country’s energy nes by 20%. Part of the success of geothermal power plants is still due to milder climatic conditions in these countries. But there is also an example of Iceland – a northern country with a harsh climate.

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The temperature there reaches hundrs

The world’s first industrial-scale geothermal power plant was launch there in 2014. It is built on a volcanic crater and receives energy from the Earth’s magma (in this place, magma comes as close to the surface as possible, of degrees Celsius). Therefore, the wells at this station are not deep – only 2 km. El Niño is a USA CFO phenomenon in which the equatorial Pacific Ocean becomes warmer than usual by no more than 3 ° C. The reverse process, when it becomes colder than usual by about the same temperature, is call La Niña. These terms are translat from Spanish as “boy” and “girl” respectively. Events occur every 2-7 years and affect the climate in different parts of the Earth. The shift cycle is call the El Niño Southern Oscillation (ENSO) because every El Niño is naturally follow.

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