The vendor must take responsibility for delivery

Ccordingly first of all, vendors ne engineers with deep technological expertise. The salary of such specialists on average in the market is 200-400 thousand rubles. Businesses value prictability and manageability in their purchases.  times, fulfill obligations to control logistics at all stages of the supply chain, and more complicat for foreign equipment components. Therefore, in second place in terms of value for vendors today are specialists in logistics and procurement. On average, they are offer a salary of 100-300 thousand rubles in the market. But here, too, there is a specificity.

Which have now become much longer

In connection with the legalization of parallel imports of iron and components for its production, specialists involv in foreign economic activity (FEA) are ne. Their tasks are to build new supply chains, open up new Asian and Middle Eastern markets for their Afghanistan Cell Phone Number List companies, rebuild more complex and lengthy logistics. Over time, the market will adapt and new companies will emerge that can outsource these processes. But for now, vendors have to independently look for high-quality buyers, logisticians, foreign trade lawyers. In third place are sellers, whose mission is to bring the vendor’s ideas to the market, honestly and openly explain to customers the advantages or disadvantages of certain technologies and approaches to their application. And, of course, ensure sales.

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Difficult for them to adapt to new conditions

Their cost on the market starts from 200 thousand rubles. per month and above is practically unlimit. Personnel difficulties Most of the specialists in the field of IT USA CFO equipment until 2022 work in foreign companies. And it is in Russian business. Processes in Western companies have been built for years and decades, corporate culture and values ??were broadcast from the head office in the US or Europe, the work of people was simple and understandable: follow the instructions, fulfill KPIs and success and career growth await you. When moving to long-establish Russian companies.

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