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The Western Administrative District

Which allows you to transfer products target to the day. Now we are developing our own network of food banks. According to our estimates, the timely ristribution of at least 1.2 million tons of products, which are eventually thrown away, could provide for all those in ne in Russia, as well as prevent 5.5 million tons of CO 2 emissions . Every winter, on the streets of Moscow. We figure out who produces New Year’s decor on such a scale and where garlands, light arches and tunnels disappear after the holidays Before the New Year: buying and creating The method of production of holiday decorations depends on the organization that nes them: some order decor from contractors, while others make it on their own.

Thousands of festive decorations appear

To decorate a city or district, the authorities arrange Ecuador Phone Number List a tender – a competition of proposals for the supply of goods, services or work. In each such selection there is a technical task – a list of works and decorations that the contractor must make or purchase. For example, a company that won a tender for the festive decoration of the territory of of Moscow had to independently produce multimia stands, vinyl panels, light-dynamic structures and other decor. Another option for finding holiday decorations is buying. So, the authorities of Zvenigorod, Moscow Region, organiz a competition in 2021.

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The concept of future showcases and send

They were looking for companies that could supply L stars USA CFO with consoles. Large shopping centers both purchase and manufacture holiday decorations on their own. For example, TSUM decorators buy toys at exhibitions, and large figures are made in their own workshops . But GUM employees develop  drawings to manufacturers, who create the necessary structures. TSUM press service: “The festive TSUM is one of the iconic New Year symbols of the capital. The design changes every year, but the key theme is always gifts. That is why the facade of the Central Department.

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