The work of collecting data

Her surveys show that, on average, almost half of the time (45%. Specialists spend preparing data, that is, loading and cleaning it. Another third is spent on data visualization and model selection. Only 12% and 11% of working hours are left for training and deployment, respectively. Data scientists in the clouds Special cloud platforms help and deploying models. It is cloud platforms for machine learning that have become the most relevant trend in Data Science. Since we are talking about large amounts of information, complex. ML models, tools that are ready and available for work with distribut teams. Data scientists ne flexible, scalable and affordable resources.

To facilitate and spe up building

It is for data scientists that cloud providers have creat Dominican Republic Phone Number List platforms focus on the preparation and launch of machine learning models and further work with them. So far, there are few such solutions, and one of them was completely creat in Russia. At the end of 2020, Sbercloud introduc ML Space , a full-cycle cloud platform for the development and implementation of AI services . The platform contains a set of tools and resources for creating, training, and deploying machine learning models — from fast connection to data sources to automatic deployment of train models on dynamically scalable SberCloud cloud resources.

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The platform is already being us by Sber

Now ML Space is the only cloud service in the world that allows you to organize distribut training on 1000 GPUs. This opportunity is provid by SberCloud’s own USA CFO cloud supercomputer Christofari. Launch in 2019, Christofari is now the most powerful Russian computing cluster and ranks 40th in the TOP500 world supercomputer rating  ecosystem development teams. It was with her help that the Salyut family of virtual assistants was launch. More than 70 different ASR (Automatic Speech Recognition) models and a large number of Text-to-Speech models were train to create them using Christofari and ML Space. Now ML Space is available to any commercial users.

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