The world leaders in the collection and analysis

Developers use Big Data technologies to collect and analyze the entire array of information, and then give the user the most interesting options for him. Already now, a future buyer can see the house he likes without a seller; Sports . Select the most promising players and develop an effective strategy for each opponent. Big Data in Russia and the world According to IBS [8] , in 2012 the amount of digital data stor in the world increas by 50%: from 1.8 to 2.7 ZB (2.7 trillion GB). In 2015, the world generat as much data every ten minutes as in all of 2003.

With the help of big data football clubs

According to NetApp, by 2003 the world had accumulat 5 Ebytes of data (1 Ebyte = 1 billion GB). In 2015, more than 6.5 Zbytes, and then only 17% of Greece Phone Number List companies around the world us big data [9] . Most of the data will be generat by the companies themselves, not their customers. At the same time, an ordinary user will communicate with various devices that generate data about 4,800 times a day. The first Big Data was us five years ago in IT, telecom and banks. It is in these areas that a large amount of data is accumulat about transactions, geolocation, search queries and profiles on the Web.

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Over the past five years alone the spread

In 2019 the profit from the use of big data was estimat at $189 billion [10] , which is 12% more than in 2018, while by 2022 it will double annually. Now in the USA CFO USA more than 55% of companies work with big data [11] , in Europe and Asia – about 53%. Of Big Data in business has tripl. Of big data are the Unit States and China. So, in the Unit States, even under Barack Obama, the government launch six feral programs for the development of big data for a total of $200 million. It was important for us not only to find a technically sound solution.

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