The world without really solving any problems

The attitude is it’s all your fault. The Persecutor criticizes and blames the Victim, making her feel oppress by threats and bullying. Persecutors cling to a sense of control and power, proving their importance to themselves and Rescuer. Attitude – “Let me save you!” The rescuer stubbornly spends his own energy on “saving. Other people, finding an outlet in this activity. Every Savior nes a Victim who will accept his altruism. He is driven, first of all, by his own ego, which is fuel by a sense of significance and superiority over the Victim.

The Victim can become the Persecutor

He is interest in the Victim remaining helpless, because then it Armenia Mobile Number List will be possible to save her forever and feel his value. Rescue should not be confus with real help, which is target and on request. The drama triangle is not static, inside it seethes and develops a conflict. One and the same person at different times can act in all three hypostases. Deciding to take revenge, and the Rescuer can take the position of the Victim when it seems to him that the one he was saving is not grateful enough to him. Karpman himself states that “drama begins when the roles are defin and develops as long as the role reversal occurs.

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Where her grandmother lives

To explain the operation of his model, Karpman cit the USA CFO story of Little R Riding Hood as an example. In it, the heroine begins in the role of the Rescuer: she sets off on a mission to deliver food to a sick grandmother. In the course of the story, she meets the Wolf and decides to “save” the beast from loneliness. In a conversation, she accidentally reveals. Further, Little R Riding Hood becomes the Wolf’s Victim, who transforms into the Chaser. In this role, he eats his grandmother, and then the main character herself. On this, it would seem, the fairy tale (as well as the conflict) should end.

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