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In addition devices that affect the human sense of smell can be us – this is a completely new direction in the development of technology, now there are no more than 10 such devices in the world. Any device that is already us incan be us in the metaverse. Full-flg feback suits will be able to transmit a tingling touch to certain parts of the body, so that the physical presence of a person can be fully simulat. Tesla Suit suits (smart suits with motion capture technology for total immersion in VR. – RBC Trends ) are already interacting with your body – this technology can also be appli in the metaverses.

The field of and has a Bluetooth module

How the Metaverses Are Changing the Ethics of Uruguay Phone Number List Cyber Studies show that cyber can be addictive and create difficulties in building intimate relationships in the real world: some perceive it as cheating, others begin to experience difficulties with self-esteem, comparing themselves with intimate and pornographic images. in the metaverse also has the advantage of being inclusive. With the necessary equipment, people of various social groups, statuses and genders will be able to connect to digital universes and lead a free life without worrying about stereotypes, security and anonymity.

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If the creators of the digital universes of the future

There are people with disabilities who have difficulty USA CFO moving, communicating and so on. Metaverses can really help a lot in this matter:  recognition. – RBC Trends ) that can transform speech and make it possible to feel differently. The experience of in the metaverses can make you feel different and ruce taboos on many topics.”  manage to attract users with different ual interests and create an inclusive space, the metaverses will have great potential in ucation. Your avatar can be customiz down to the smallest nuances of skin density.

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