There was no protocol to control the disease

Hypertension and hypotension. Approximately 70% of heart attacks, hypertensive crises and strokes occur during solar storms. They provoke insomnia. Cause tychycardia. Trigger migraine triggers. However, the theory of the influence of magnetic storms on humans also has opponents who believe that changes in space weather are too distant and have a much lesser effect on humans than, for example, daily physical activity. Catastrophe in the 19th century The most powerful geomagnetic storm in history occurr on September 1, 1859. The night sky of the Northern Hemisphere lit up with bright flashes. It look like the Northern Lights and was visible even in Hawaii.

Were overload and caught fire

People were just starting to use electricity, but there Dominican Republic Phone Number List was already enough of it to notice serious damage. For example, telegraph lines . According to National Geographic, a similar event now “could damage more transformers than are stor in the warehouses of energy companies, leaving millions of people without electricity, drinking water, sewerage, heating, air conditioning, telephone service, and without perishable micines and food. – for several months, which will be requir to produce and install new transformers. Internet apocalypse At the Communications Conference in August 2021, American researcher Sangeeta Abdu Joti present a paper titl.

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The same is true for the resilience of the Internet

Geomagnetic Storms Gearing Up for the Internet USA CFO Apocalypse”. Abdu Joti found that local and regional Internet infrastructure would not be severely affect even with intense solar flares. The reason: geomagnetic storms practically cannot affect the fiber optics of which the wires are made. However, the long submarine cables that connect continents and countries will collapse. Stopping their work will disconnect the planet from the Internet. Sangeeta Abdu Jodi says : “During the pandemic, we saw how unprepar the world was. Our infrastructure is not ready for major solar flares. long as  ucation projects appear and develop in our country, and intimate.

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