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Every year the New Year’s Bazaar opens at the Central Department Store, where all the main attributes of the holiday are present.  not only at international exhibitions, but also at Russian factories and from designers who are actively support by TSUM.” Individual stores also make holiday decorations on their own or buy them from suppliers. Maria German, official decorator for Van Cleef & Arpels, decorations , each with an area of ??about 30 thousand square meters. m. Designs without electronic components and fragile parts are waiting for next winter in open areas. Objects with decorative design and lighting fixtures are locat in enclos spaces protect from moisture. In 2021, Moscow again held a tender for the lease of non-residential premises for storing holiday decor.

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The contractor who won the tender will store all city Paraguay Phone Number List decorations in their warehouses until the next New Year’s season. New Year’s decorations of trading floors are also locat in special rooms. For example, the festive decoration of the Central Department Store is transport to clean and dry warehouses locat on the territory of the workshops. Usually New Year’s designs are on the streets for several weeks, or even months. During this time, or broken by citizens. For example, in early December 2021, an unknown person broke a branch of a glowing artificial tree in Butovo. Therefore, before the new festive season, city decorations ne to be taken care of.

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They are clean of dust and dirt, check for damage USA CFO and repair. Some designs are rework – repaint, symbols of the next year and new elements are add. Maria Herman: “Unfortunately, New Year’s decorations for public places become unusable within two seasons from reagents and constant contact with people. But I like to give decor a second life:  and repaint Christmas trees that are boring to everyone or ask artists to manually paint ordinary plastic balls – it turns out a completely different Christmas tree toy. Most holiday decorations for Moscow and other cities are reus. Some designs appear on the streets for several years in a row. For example, polar bears in Rostokino have been.

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