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They cannot enter into collective agreements

Adjust for details this is true for taxis, and for professionals from sites like and YouDo. Gig workers are seen as independent economic units. Therefore with platforms to improve working conditions and pay, because this is akin to a cartel. of 2021 attend to amending competition law so that independent contractors without employees could enter into collective agreements. he platform is not oblig to guarantee employment to its contractor, so he can never be sure of his income. Sick pay is rare in the gig economy, as is accident insurance.

European legislators only at the end

Being self-employ the employee does not have social Guatemala Phone Number List guarantees from the platform and decides on his own how to duct contributions to insurance funds. Platforms are actively fighting to not be seen as employers. Uber argu in a British court for several years that it is not a transport company and only provides information services (but in the end, drivers won this high-profile case in a higher court, and later a court in  provides taxi services). The status of gig workers was also notic in Portugal. And in the US, Uber and Lyft taxi drivers went on strike and regularly protest against a law pass in November 2020 that remov platforms from the contract law.

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The Netherlands also consider that Uber

This law was later declar unconstitutional. We should USA CFO not forget that the problems of the gig economy affect not only contractors, but also customers. In case of unprofessional or dangerous behavior of a gig worker in relation to a client, the platform bears only reputational costs. The operator can disconnect an individual taxi driver (plumber, tutor) or the entire partner taxi fleet from the system, but in the event of compensation for physical and moral damage through the court, the taxi driver (plumber, tutor) or taxi fleet.

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