They do not want to be part of this system

Sugar dating people are a vulnerable group and are not protect by law in any way: Sugar dating without proper safety precautions can become a victim of human trafficking for the purpose of sexual exploitation. Freeganism or freeganism (from the English free – “free, free” and veganism – “veganism”) is an ideology and lifestyle whose adherents seek to minimize their participation in the traditional economy and limit the consumption of resources. Freegans refuse to buy material goods – technology, clothing, and even food. They find everything they ne in garbage containers, in landfills or in the backyards of shops and cafes.

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Contrary to the stereotype, freegans refuse to buy Norway Phone Number List completely consciously, for ideological reasons, and not because of a lack of money. In their opinion, reusing discard things or eating decommission but still usable products is a way to rationally use resources and not participate in overconsumption. According to the UN, about 1.3 billion tons of ible food is thrown away every year in the world – this is a third of all food produc. In develop countries, there is overproduction, due to. It’s cheaper for store owners to throw away a whole crate of spoil vegetables or fruit than it is to hire someone to sort them. In addition, of the day throw away pastries and ready-made meals that they did not have time to sell.

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Which a lot of products end up in landfills

Freegans oppose themselves to a consumer society that is USA CFO pratory of the planet’s resources and corporations that only care about profit, so they practice everything that can take them out of the money circulation and ruce their impact on the environment. This includes not only searching for food in garbage cans, but also gathering mushrooms and berries in nature, growing vegetables and fruits on their own, refusing to use non-environmentally friendly transport, and actively exchanging benefits among themselves.

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