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A phobia is an irrational fear of an object or situation that is not actually dangerous [ 12 ]. An inferiority complex is a condition in which a person feels inferior compared to other people. It arises for various reasons: due to discrimination, psychological trauma, mistakes and failures in life. Addiction to alcohol or drugs . I dopamine (“the hormone of joy”), which causes a person to experience more and more negative emotions. Elderly age. There is the concept of “involutional melancholy” – the loss of pleasure from life that occurs when a person approaches old age. This condition can occur in women aged 40–55 years and 52–65 years for men.

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Bodily diseases, especially chronic ones. with enjoying life. External Jordan Phone Number List Inability to satisfy any need. For example, unrequited love or frustration due to unloved work. Social oppression is the inability to fulfill one’s needs due to low social status. For example, if a person does not have enough money for the education he dreams of getting, this is a reason for melancholy. Loneliness. If a person is lonely, he will often feel sad and longing, and may fall into a melancholy state. well educated, versed in politics, able to observe and has a talent for creativity.

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Thus the Italian philosopher Marsilio Ficino wrote in USA CFO the 15th century that melancholy comes from the excessive expenditure of the “subtle spirit” when engaging in intellectual activity [ 8 ]. Melancholy as a norm  a melancholic does not necessarily suffer, Eldar Osipov, a psychologist and psychotherapist, shared. If such a person “walks with his eyes fixed on the ground,” this may mean that it is simply uncharacteristic for him to experience or express bright positive emotions. People with a certain personality type may look like they are suffering from a disorder, while in fact they are in their normal state.

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