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The start of the pandemic, and employee turnover has increas from 50% to 300% in some companies. Many Russian companies have similar problems – high turnover, lack of experienc operators, long waiting times on the line. A study by MegaFon and ORO shows that these problems are also solv by voice AI. With their help, the business seeks to optimize the workload of staff, while improving the quality of service, and in 70% of cases successfully achieves these goals. Modern infrastructure The main requirement for infrastructure for communications is that it must work flawlessly 24/7. This applies to all channels of interaction with customers – from the site.

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Hence the physical or cloud servers on which it is host Portugal Phone Number List to push message services and voice communication channels.  virtual infrastructure, including when it comes to simple voice communications. A study of 500 Russian companies indicates that the first place in importance is still occupi by basic voice services (number 8-800, Virtual PBX, online video conferencing). solutions, while remaining reliable and familiar to customers as a means of communication. However, basic services are not just a replacement for a telephone line. They are getting more and more advanc.

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The set of communication services changes

For example Virtual PBX uses machine learning USA CFO algorithms to evaluate the emotional aspects of a conversation and identify conflict situations in customer conversations with employees. Interestingly, as the company develops,  At the start of a business or a new direction, Virtual PBX and the 8-800 number provide a basic opportunity to communicate with customers and organize sales. And at the next stages, more complex services are connect that cope with routine processes, increase the level of automation and customer service. Customers want to communicate with the business through their preferr channels—voice, email, online marketplaces, SMS, or social mia. Therefore, in the next ten years.

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