They work practically around the clock

In the context of falling real incomes of the population and the departure of many wealthy Russians abroad, it seems that the private banking segment is shrinking. Is it true that soon there will be no one to sell such a service or is it a myth? I think this description of the situation is a gross exaggeration. The past year has been challenging, but customers and their families still prefer quality service, low commission costs, and a high level of service. It is unlikely that we will see a general rejection of private banking services. In the first half of 2022 withdrawal operations increas.

The volume of cross-border transfers and cash

It was a difficult time. But already the second half of the Dominican Republic Phone Number List year show that customers have adapt to the new realities. Now we do not see global changes pricting a narrowing of the private banking market. — Is it reasonable for banks to build far-reaching goals in the development of private banking-direction? – Certainly. We look to the future with ambition and set serious goals. First of all, we plan to expand our client base and increase the volume of capital raising. With the scaling of the business, we plan to expand the team of experts. And we will continue our regional expansion: last year we open private banking in St. Petersburg, Krasnodar, Chelyabinsk, in January of this year – in Rostov-on-Don.

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We have grown in terms of client base

We plan to further expand the geography of our USA CFO presence. – And last year was not a failure for this segment? — On the contrary, by 30%, and the amount of client capital that we manage has almost doubl. Therefore, our outlook on the future is as optimistic as possible. How to choose a bank for servicing in private banking? Criteria from Alexey Kosyakov: High reliability and financial stability of the bank. Service security in online and offline formats: the bank’s ability to withstand hacker threats.

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