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Max Planck Institute for Extraterrestrial Physics astronomer Thomas Müller said : “We quite unexpectly found a small asteroid in routine calibration observations. Our research suggests that many new objects will be discover using this tool.” An accident l to the discovery James Webb originally track an asteroid between Mars and Jupiter (10920) 1998 BC1. The observations were consider unsuccessful by the team of scientists, mainly due to the brightness of (10920) 1998 BC1, which interfer with the calculations. Then the researchers decid to use the data for a new method for determining the orbit and size of a celestial body, and as a result of their work, they accidentally discover a new small asteroid.

The main asteroid belt is locat Mars

Thomas Müller emphasizes: “The results show that even ‘fail’ observations of ‘James Webb’ can be scientifically useful if you have the right mindset and Uganda Phone Number List a bit of luck. Our discovery is in the main asteroid belt, but the incrible sensitivity of 100-meter object at a distance of more than 100 million km. Why is it important to study asteroids? and Jupiter. Most of them are a flying pile of stones . They form from material left over from the birth of the solar system over 4.5 billion years ago. American company will launch two spacecraft AstroForge currently employs only 15 people.

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To establish mining operations at suitable sites

Their study can provide important information USA CFO about the formation of the Earth and other planets. Also, some scientists and businessmen consider asteroids as a new source of natural resources and plan. Small asteroids are also important for researchers, however, due to the complexity of observation, these objects have not been practically studi before. This fact makes James Webb’s discovery especially promising – it can be assum that in the future astronomers will be able to study asteroids with a diameter of less than 1 km.

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