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Who is involv in such financing in our country? – There are two sources – the state and philanthropists who are ready to invest, because they consider the development of society. But so far this is not a common practice, and the vast majority of early-stage exploratory research is fund by the state. This has its limitations – requirements for a scientist, for topics – after all, we are talking about budgetary funds. Business comes at a later stage, when the direction of the research is clear and there is an idea how it can be further us or commercializ.

This experience and past achievements

Universities are gradually getting involv in fundingh research – they are developing internal grants for young scientists for their ideas. For the second year now, as a foundation, we have been holding an experimental competition of scientific Bosnia and Herzegovina Phone Number List projects for young scientists Blue Sky Research, where the researcher does not ne to meet generally accept scientific criteria and then report on standard indicators, such as articles or patents, and during the year in the process of work, you can change the research trajectory if it becomes it is clear that this is a dead end path. We finance, so to speak, the very curiosity. To invest in exploratory research, fundamental or practical, and in what proportion.

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A very recent example is the study

This is an eternal debate that is ongoing in all countries. Potential for the future In what areas can we expect scientific breakthroughs? – of the Russian scientist Maxim Nikitin, who works at the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology and Sirius. He USA CFO was able to prove that DNA does not have to form a double helix in order to store and process genetic information. This radically changes our understanding of one of the main paradigms of biology. Obviously, practical research and development will be of great importance in the short term.

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