This helps you move forward faster

Can be us in practice – not immiately. But today, thanks to the conclusions from this work, we have GPS and are not afraid that the planes will collide in the air. When you invest, for example, in construction, you invest in specific bricks, equipment, professionals. You can manage the process and know that in a couple of years there will be a building of a certain height and appearance on this site. Can you also manage science? Especially when it comes to finding new, breakthrough areas. Very limit. This is a creative process. Of the equipment is not enough to move forward. As it was, for example, in the 1970s with AI.

There are still situations when the current capacity

An now with the development of technology, has the Albania Phone Numbers List work of scientists become easier? “Easier and more difficult at the same time. Yes, and explain what we are seeing. Given the fact that we know how to collect data and have accumulat a huge array of them, this is great news. About ten years ago, it was about 50 million scientific articles for all time. Today there are clearly more of them. Thanks to the democratization of machine learning technologies, technologies using artificial intelligence, a scientist does not have to figure out how it will work at the programming level Previously.

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There are more tools to look for patterns

It was necessary to recognize images, for example, a USA CFO tumor, manually, then an algorithm appear, but a specialist was ne nearby, and now you may not be a specialist – just upload the data and then the “machine” itself finds patterns, solutions. and ask more difficult questions. Such solutions for various fields, for example, are offer by scientists from ITMO, Polytechnic University, DSTU, Siberian Feral University and many other universities. And although we can now model much more than before, we are not yet able to build highly adequate models in many areas.

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