This limitation was also recognized by Carl

Hidden protests from the interlocutor and suspicions. Of insincerity, manipulation. Conversation partners do not ne to think for each other. They feel safe and because of this they become open to active listening, empathy. And although this seems obvious at first glance. There is very little actual research on the significance of congruence for communication. Its effectiveness. The real significance of congruence for communication makes it difficult to determine the fact that. It cannot be one hundr percent and is always relative.

The fact is that it is very difficult to measure

A person who chooses sincerity is forc to weigh the risks. Willful or involuntary violation of unwritten social norms can lead to very adverse Hungary Phone Number List consequences. For example, how to be congruent when you were given a gift, and it turn out to be terrible – to lie or, albeit tactfully, say “thank you, but somehow I don’t feel happy Rogers. The scientist wrote: “In real relationships, both the client and the therapist are often fac with an existential choice: “Do I risk showing all my congruence in communication with this person? Shall I venture to communicate what I am experiencing and conscious of.

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You can often see such combinations

The severity of the problem is exacerbat by the fact that a person often clearly anticipates the opportunity to meet in interpersonal relationships USA CFO with threat or rejection, Rogers not. Congruent Personality On the Internet,  of words as “congruent personality” or “congruent personality type”. As a rule, it is written next to them that such people have more authority, everyone likes them and is much more successful in life. There is a catch here: no one can always be congruent, congruence is not a permanent property, it cannot be defining for a person. This is a viscous, multi-component concept, the beauty of which is strictly in the eyes of the beholder.

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