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So as not to withdraw working capital during a difficult period. Together with them, mical, sports, textile and tourism companies, as well as food manufacturers receiv a reprieve. Businessmen under 25 were offer grants of 500,000 rubles. for the development of their business (for residents of the Arctic zone – up to 1 million rubles). At the same time, the government allocat 40 billion rubles. to support employment  vacancies, improving the skills of workers in industrial enterprises and training the unemploy. Not materialize in 2022. On the contrary, unemployment has reach historic lows.

The problem with the labor market did

Stanislav Murashov from Raiffeisenbank assess what is Chile Phone Number List happening with employment in Russia. What will happen next Opinions on the movement of the Russian economy in 2023 vary. The International Monetary Fund expects weakening by 2.3%, the Central Bank – by 2.4% . Banks are the most skeptical: Stanislav Murashov from Raiffeisenbank pricts a decline in GDP in 2023 by 4%, economists at Alfa Bank – by 6.5% . But now experts more often mention that the Russian economy still has reserves in order to cope with the negative trend. “Mainly market mechanisms will support the economy from further decline,” Akindinova said. “We believe that 2023, if nothing happens.

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The main factor determining the dynamics

Will be much easier than 2022,” First Deputy Prime USA CFO Minister Andrei Belousov assess the prospects at the end of December. “At the beginning of December 2022, sanctions against Russian oil began to operate, and from the beginning of February, new sanctions against Russian oil products are expect to be introduc,” said Sergey Khestanov from the RANEPA. — The process of adaptation to new sanctions will be of the Russian economy in 2023. It will be possible to assess the real consequences of sanctions no earlier than June-July 2023, when reliable statistics accumulate. However, the liquid part of the NWF is quite enough to finance a possible budget deficit during.

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