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Such infection with someone else’s emotion largely occurs under the influence of mirror neurons — brain cells that are excit when we perform an action or notice how other people perform it [ 9 ]. When they are activat, the brain imitates this action – as if trying it on itself. Emotional empathy “connects” us to the inner world of another person to micine. Not to mention that relationship in life. But affective empathy also has its downsides. So, if a person is immers in affective empathy, it is difficult for him to manage his own negative emotions.

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An this can lead to psychological exhaustion. Therefore, for Pakistan Phone Number List example, many doctors face the problem of burnout: in order to avoid emotional pain, they distance themselves from the pain of others, and with it, from the problems of their patients. Behavioral (compassionate) It manifests itself through specific actions in relation to another person. This type of empathy suggests that we not only understand the feelings of another person, but also feel a desire to help. The complex problems facing humanity together. Psychologists call this the desire for constructive interaction. Paul Ekman attributes the emergence of compassionate empathy to the realization that “we are all unit.

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Dark empathy In 2002, researchers Delroy Paulhus USA CFO and Kevin M. Williams introduc the term “Dark Triad” [ 10 ]. It refers to a group of personality traits that includes psychopathy [ 11 ] (emotional coldness, ruthlessness, impulsiveness), narcissism [ 12 ] (vanity, a sense of superiority) and Machiavellianism [ 13 ] (manipulativeness, inclination to intrigue and lack of morality). Dark empaths have all three of these personality traits [ 14 ]. They use the ability to recognize and understand the feelings of others for manipulative purposes. The very definition of a “dark empath” is more of a pop psychology thing. In everyday life, such people are often compar with energy vampires.

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