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It is not the presence of deja vu that is important, but a change in its characteristics: lengthening, acceleration, fear of waiting and negative perception of the phenomenon. Vyacheslav Filashikhin: “Deja vu can inde be a symptom of an illness. Most often, the effect is manifest in two diseases: epilepsy and encephalopathy – the consequences of mechanical damage to the brain tissue. There are no criteria for the frequency of deja vu. For psychiatrists, the criterion for pathology is the frequency and regularity. For example, if a person has deja vu occurs once a year, but regularly. Or he experiences deja vu every night or every day.

Which are the norm or pathology

It is also important whether a person is bother by his Guangdong Mobile Phone Number List manifestations of deja vu: if they frighten him, then this is also a symptom. The chatbot bas on artificial intelligence Bard gave the wrong answer, the journalists notic the error. for the company. Corporations partner or compete with ChatGPT The success of OpenAI’s ChatGPT neural network has affect the entire industry. Large IT companies also decid to keep up: some of them want to integrate the existing neural network into their infrastructure, and the other part want to develop an alternative chatbot. Microsoft took the first path and announc the implementation of ChatGPT tools in its Bing search engine.

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The release of Bard took place in a promotional

Google preferr the second option – the company’s USA CFO specialists announc the creation of a new chat bot, which they call Bard. video on Google’s Twitter account. In it, the chatbot was ask the following question, among other things : “What recent discoveries of the James Webb space telescope can you tell a nine-year-old child about?”. Bard’s answer was that the telescope was able to take the very first pictures of planets outside the solar system (they are also call exoplanets. These are symptoms that require investigation and evaluation to rule out a disease.


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